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Health     Guarantee

To activate your 1 YEAR Puppy HEALTH GUARANTEE 

Here at The Perfect Corgi we will provide you with a beautiful, healthy puppy in good physical and mental condition and free from disease at the time of purchase. Our puppies will have all their vaccines and worming completed for their ages. We are not responsible for any airborne or communicable diseases such as parvo, coccidia, giardia, distemper, rabies or any other infectious diseases the puppy may pick up after leaving the premises of the perfect corgi. We take every precaution to prevent illness. Be very careful where you take your pup until fully immunized against the above diseases. To activate your health guarantee, you must also feed the recommended immune building supplement’s (NuVet) that the perfect corgi feeds the puppies during your puppy’s formative time of development of their bodies and minds. You agree to have the puppy examined by your own veterinarian within 3 working days (72 hours) following possession of puppy (Be sure to keep puppy off of the floor at the veterinarian – please carry your puppy so to not expose them to potential viruses). S/he needs to be re-vaccinated with at 11 weeks and 15 weeks. Your puppy should also be wormed at least every 2 months to keep it happy and healthy. We recommend using Panacur (Fenbendazole), which can be safely administered every 2 to 3 weeks -- there is very little chance of overdose. Your puppy will also need to be started on a heart-worm preventative at the age of 4 months - consult with your veterinarian on when to start them on the preventative. Your puppy will also need a rabies shot given no earlier than 16 weeks of age

We guarantee that your puppy will be free from any “genetic defects” for the first twelve months from the date of birth against hereditary defects that result in severe impairment or need for euthanization.  In such cases, your puppy will be replaced with a puppy of equal value as soon as availability permits and as long as The Perfect Corgi exists. This puppy will be provided only after production of medical verification of the hereditary defect or an autopsy report from a veterinarian, on the veterinarian’s letter head, and I will at my option reserve the right to have a veterinarian of my choice confirm the condition.   Shipping & handling & vet expenses will be the responsibility of the recipient/new owner. We will replace the puppy with a comparable puppy from our next available litter, replacement pups will be chosen by the breeder. Only one pup will be replaced per sale regardless of circumstances. No money will be refunded.  If you choose to keep the puppy, you do so with the understanding that all costs incurred will be your responsibility. Any claim of a defect must be accompanied with written proof* from a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of testing.  In order for this guarantee to be honored, it is imperative that an appropriate body condition is maintained and supplementing with NuVet Plus immune system builder to help them maintain optimal health.  Any eye or hip claims must be from either OFA /Penn Hip evaluated hip x-rays or CERF eye results. Under no circumstances will The Perfect Corgi be responsible for veterinary fees accumulated by our clients for this dog or its offspring.  Nor will we be prepared to take any dog or puppy back that becomes ill once it has left these premises, all sales are final.  We do not take any responsibility for a dog’s demise while under anesthetic. In regards to hereditary defects, there are never any guarantees that a dog would be free of a genetic disorder from past generations.  But since we may not know if there are any potential weaknesses in a dog, we believe that the diet and lack of vitamins can exacerbate these conditions if found. Therefore by providing the dog with quality food and NuVet supplements, we are hoping to reduce the chance of these potential weaknesses from hindering their quality of life, should this ever occur. 

TO ORDER NUVET CALL 800-474-7044 You will need order code #86604 any other order code does not allow me to track your order and voids the health guarantee.

Refunds and replacement credits do not include applicable shipping costs, should the Purchaser choose to return the Dog to the Seller. The Purchaser is solely responsible for any applicable shipping costs on replacement dogs.

The Perfect Corgi will not be responsible for injury or accident to puppy, or cost for repair, once s/he leaves our care. In addition, breeder makes no guarantee on eye color, earset, size, show or working ability, or reproduction ability/capability of the puppy. Guarantee does not cover undescended testicles or inverted vulva.

You agree to properly socialize and expose your puppy to various situations as to develop a sound temperament. The first two years are especially important. It is strongly recommended that your puppy attend obedience school and/or puppy kindergarten. It is important that the puppy learns who the leader is and how to socialize with other puppies/dogs as well as people. 

Your new puppy will be as big as he or she is meant to be. We can give you the sizes of your puppy’s mom and dad, but we do breed a size variety of Corgi's and genetics can be fickle. There are no guarantees that this puppy will not end up being bigger or smaller than its parents.

Please be advised that you should not engage your puppy in high jumping or agility exercises until he is over one year of age. Puppy bones need time to grow and become strong enough for these activities.

If you ever feel it necessary to give up your puppy or dog and need help finding a home for it, please contact us. If at any time in the life of the dog you are unable to keep this dog, we, the breeder, will try to assist you in finding a new home for the dog or the dog may be returned to us. No monies shall be refunded under any circumstances, however we will rehome the dog into a loving home. There is no reason that any of The Perfect Corgi puppies should ever end up in a pound or rescue situation!   At no time shall the pup be placed in an animal shelter or animal rescue facility.

We have cared for your puppy and given him love, attention, and vet care in order to get him ready for your home. Once this puppy leaves our home, we can no longer assume any responsibility. This contract is non-transferable. Should you relinquish ownership of your puppy, for any reason, this contract shall be null and void.


The puppy will have the name "Melton’s" in the beginning of the puppy’s name, or this health contract/ guarantee will be null and void. Your puppy’s name after Melton’s can be chosen by new owners.

Temperament is not only determined by genetics, but also by environment. Too often, nice puppies develop problems as a result of the way they were raised. I have no control over environment after the puppies leave my home, therefore I do not guarantee the temperament of my puppies. I do guarantee that all puppies have been well socialized while they were here.

I wish you the best with your new puppy and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.
This contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of Missouri, in the county of Warren.  It is agreed the place of venue shall be in.

By purchasing a puppy from us you, the buyer have agreed to all the term’s listed above.

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